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Hey if you're here that means that you've probably know something about REITs and thought about investing in these powerful investment instruments.
You’re also here because you want to build your own stream of dividend income, right?
Smart move, my friend!

Here are the hard facts about achieving financial freedom or independence

Every $200,000 will grow to $800,000 in 12 years' time at 12% compounded yearly. This $800,000 will give you $40,000 yearly retirement income @ 5% withdrawal rate. That will be $3,333 a month of lifetime income. Implying that YOU will not outlive your money and you can still leave an estate for your loved ones.
How to achieve 12% compounded rate consistently?
Answer: You got to pick up exceptional REITs and hold them in your portfolio!
That is why this course will teach you how to do exactly that and more!
It is the only course that will provide you a proven 4 steps system to achieve mastery over REITs.  

While there are plenty of Investment courses out there that promises high instant returns to students, only to be let down by their ‘secret formulas’.
I’m going to keep it REAL and tell you that this course is NOT about schemes on  “how to get rich quick” or magic formulas.
Instead this course will focus on the facts, the fundamentals of REIT investing and how to manage these unique investment opportunities the way Master REIT investors do.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What Will I Learn From This Course?

In a few short hours, you will...
✔ Learn All Important Aspects Of REITs Investing
✔ Discover The Strategies To Invest Your Way To Real Wealth Via REITs
✔ Protect Yourself From Making Costly Investment Mistakes
✔ Make 4 Smart Moves To Identify And Cherry Pick The Exceptional REITs 
✔ Become An Expert At Calculating The "Fair Worth" Of Most REITs- Quickly And Efficiently
✔  Learn How To Predict Risks And Manage Your Own REIT Portfolio Confidently Unlock Your Passive Income Stream And Fast Forward Your Retirement

What’s In It For Me?

The Main Benefit: If you are looking for a course that can boost your investment dividends and help you take that right step towards financial independence, then you are in the right place!
Secondary Benefit: The topics and insights covered in this course can help you prepare well for interviews with REITs or Financial Planning companies
Usual Benefits: All students will get a 100% money back guarantee (within 30 days) if they are not satisfied; plus lifetime access to the course if they choose to stay on
On-Going Benefits: Meet and network with other passionate investors and frequently receive alerts on REITs and other high dividend paying companies (in excel format) via the announcements    

What Makes This Course Different From The Rest Of The REIT Courses Out There?

High Quality Production: The course comes with concise lessons that will walk you through every detail in a step by step format so that you can effectively apply what you have learnt. Lecture slides that are well-designed and professionally animated. (This isn’t a collection of boring lectures!)
~Closed Captioning Are Provided For All Video Lectures In This Course~
Dedicated Content: I have spent many years conquering this niche investment topic and months compressing all these knowledge into this course, it's really a steal! If this course can help you buy, just 1 good REIT or save you from buying into bad ones; you would have already earned back your course money, many times over.
Exclusive Topics: This MasterClass is one of the very few REIT course out there to have lectures on risk anticipation and risk management techniques, as well as topics on uncommon REITs. These are all essential information you need to know, in order to become a better investor.
Extra Materials: Application questions, checklists and 30 well thought-out quizzes to help you reinforce everything you’ve learnt. In addition, there are downloadable PDF, Excel files, Summary notes and Information Vaults (Articles on Value investing as well) are all made available to you. You will get your money’s worth.

Any more benefits?

Excellent Support:  Feel free to list your questions in the "Q&A" tab. Either me or one of my lecturers will attend to you as soon as they can. "We want YOU to succeed!"
Practical Pace: Your time is precious! Concepts are taught at a good pace throughout the course
Always Current: The course will keep updating frequently, and of course all future updates are absolutely FREE

What If I Am New To Investing? Is This Course Suitable For Me?

This course does have a few lectures touching on the basics of REIT Investing and an Information Vault for beginners to read and understand REITs better. However the lectures do not stay 'basic' for long, as it has to meet up to the expectations of other students looking to enhance their REITs selection skills.
At the very least, you should have a rough understanding of what investing is and have the ability to operate excel at a rudimentary level.
But hi; if you are a complete beginner who is willing to work hard… No course will ever be too difficult for you.

What is a REIT?

A 'R.E.I.T' stands for real estate investment trust and is sometimes called "real estate stock." To put it very simply, REITs are entities (corporation/fund/trust) that own and manage a portfolio of commercial properties or mortgages.
In this course, we will only be touching on publicly traded REITs. Mortgage REITs are not covered. Why we focus only on publicly traded REITs is because, anyone can buy shares in the latter. They offer the benefits of real estate ownership without the headaches or expense of being a landlord.

Why should i invest in REITs?

The benefits to you are-
1) Passive Income through yields:
Even higher yields if you manage to find those exceptional REITs. I am talking about an average of 5-6% yields per year, while exceptional REITs can reward you even more.
2) Liquidity of REIT Shares:
REIT shares are bought and sold on a stock exchange. Relative to, buying and selling property directly involves higher expenses and requires a great deal of effort.
3) Diversification:
According to varies studies; adding REITs to a diversified investment portfolio increases returns and reduces risk since REITs have little correlation with the S&P 500
4) Easy to manage:
Relative to other investment instruments, the risks related to most REITs are kind of predictable. You only need to know where to look, anticipate and manage it.
“Investing in REITs is a proven strategy which allows you to consistently earn those delicious dividends” 
-John Templeton

How much money do i need to set aside, in order to start investing in REITs? 

It depends on the unit/share price of the REIT that you are looking at. The key here is not to treat this investment as a 'once-off' thing, but rather treat it like an open ended bond. The savings you have accumulated every month, plough that back into your REIT. This includes the dividends that you will receive every quarter. Plough back all those extra savings into your REIT portfolio and unlock your stream of passive income from there.

Who is the target audience?

✔ People who wants to manage their own money and build or boost their dividend income
✔ Working Individuals looking for a relatively low-risk investment and a proven strategy to consistently grow their wealth
✔ People who want to get a solid understanding of REITs Investing
✔ Anyone with an interest to join the REIT Industry

Reminder! This course is not made to teach you how to become rich or become financially independent instantly

Why can’t your course make me rich instantly?

"If it seems too good to be true, it probably is"…
Ask yourself this, why would anyone want to share their secret knowledge that make another person rich instantly? A secret is no longer a “secret” once you tell the whole world! Knowing this, the market will always balance itself. As more people know about a secret, the effectiveness of using that secret will dwindle.
Although I cannot promise you instant riches, what I can guarantee is that you will leave with some serious REIT investment knowledge and techniques. You see when you invest in REITs, your money starts working hard for you. You need to be patient; save...invest...and reinvest the dividends so that compound interest can work its magic.
With the right amount of passion, education, and hard work, anyone can achieve their financial independence.

What should i do next?

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